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Why 2nd Generation PHU's?

For more than 15 years Duke Manufacturing has provided the best in Holding Units. We've taken our Heat Sink™ technology to the next level, applying our learning and your feedback to the new design, creating the HS2. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose the HS2.

Robust Design

Built simple, strong and solid, the HS2 features shelves that are securely attached above and below and are able to withstand the weight of an adult without any bending or hindering use of the unit.

Grease Migration

The HS2 is a completely sealed unit with smooth overhangs and bends that prevent grease from migrating into the unit, minimizing wear, tear and unsanitary build-up that will accumulate in competitive units.

Easy to Clean

Adequate spacing and the absence of gaps or vents allow for easy cleaning in each cavity as well as the exterior of the unit.

Reliable Tested

After enduring rigorous testing in a Burger King® simulated environment, 12+ years of push button usage, temperatures of 225° F and full immersion into water, the timer bar still fully functioned.

Future Proof

The HS2 can be updated remotely with new recipe settings and firmware versions. The flexible heat zones and software adaptability ensures the unit can evolve with your kitchen needs.

Ease of Service

Our plug and play, user replaceable timer bar does not require a service call. Components are well organized and known by service agents. Advanced diagnostic capabilities reduce downtime and disruptions.

KMS Compatibility

The HS2 is 100% compatible with all Burger King approved Kitchen Management Systems

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